April 21st, 2010


if you're new here

I don't post much in this LJ these days -- at least, not as much as I did at certain points in the past. I moved my more in-depth thoughtful stuff off LJ to SOB: Scion of Backronymics (yes, that name is a joke). Check there if you want to see more regular postings from me with more attention to subjects that get into some nontrivial depth and often end up being kind of long. You can also get a friends list RSS feed of it here on LJ. It doesn't seem to track anything beyond a certain age, so if you want to see older archives, you'll have to go to the source. Edits of typos and formatting issues don't make it into the LJ RSS syndication, anyway, so if you're not too lazy it's probably best to get it at the source anyway. I know of a couple people who use the LJ RSS feed as notification of new material, then go read the original.

Thanks to cluebyfour for creating that LJ RSS feed originally. It's nice having fans, or at least readers.

If anyone ever creates LJ RSS feeds for anyone on my blogroll at SOB, I hope they'll let me know.

2011 edit: I write about programming at blogstrapping, now.