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@political - for the lazy middle-class intellectual
apocryphagia - be careful what you eat
SOB: Scion Of Backronymics - recursive extropian linguistic therapy (talking to myself, really)
Apotheonic Tao Te Ching - Coming Soon: a translation of the Tao Te Ching
CCD CopyWrite - a "liberated" distribution license

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ferrotheism - philosophy, contemplation, introspection
crepusculum - art, angst, exposition

Jisei to wa
sunawachi mayoi
tada shinan
- Toko

actor, autodidact, biker, computer geek, copy editor, curmudgeon, epigrammatist, eremite, ethical theorist, gaijin, gamer, human being, individualist, intercessor, Just another Perl Hacker, luftmensch, martial artist, network administrator, novelist, opinion columnist, paratrooper, philosopher, poet, student, teacher, web developer

You are the Intarweb, baby! - nelliebelle

I have been called abrasive, accepting, aggressive, all-knowing, approachable, creative, cultured, cyberpunk, beatific, beautiful, closed-minded, confident, cynical, distant, a drama-free zone, easy to impress and difficult to please, easy to please and difficult to impress, educated, free-thinking, frighteningly intelligent, funny, geek, generous, hacker, humble, idealistic, an individual, inspiring, intolerant, justifiably arrogant, a Libertarian Kibo, long-winded, ma'am, a man of integrity, modest, a Nazi, Old Man, old-souled, overanalytical, paranoid, passionate, passive-aggressive, philosopher, picky, pithy, a pleasant tenor, poet, polymath, principled, renaissance man, scary in a debate, self-effacing, selfish, a sorrow factory, stubborn, stuck in the '80s, talented, The Other Evil Overlord, well-read, wise, and zen; I agree with about half of that. I have always thought it better to be known for the quality of my enemies than the quantity of my friends. I still love you guys, though.

friends listing note: Feel free to add me to your friends list without permission, though I appreciate notification. Honest disagreement is encouraged as long as you're reasonable about it. If I don't add you to my friends list, don't take it as an insult. Sometimes I delete people from my friends list without warning, and it usually doesn't involve any sudden dislike or insult. If you don't know why I've removed you, feel free to ask, but if you don't know why you can probably assume you haven't offended me. I don't like to use filters to make people feel better about themselves. My rules for adding people to and subtracting them from my friends list are ineffable. My Ways are Mysterious.
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